The Scratcher

So I have this coworker of mine. He’s a pretty interesting fellow. He seems to have this need to scratch himself in the crotchial region at all times. At least one of his hands is in his pocket fidgeting around. He’s not playing with himself. He’s just scratching. Now, either he’s got a rash that won’t go away (STD) or he needs some better hygiene. I want him to stop but I don’t know how to make him stop. I just try and avoid him these days. Does anyone else have a coworker like this? I just want to tell him in front of everyone else “STOP DOING THAT!” And the worst part is, there is a small possibility that I may have to use the same keyboard he uses at times. Ugh… Good thing I clean every keyboard I come in contact with.




  1. Mia said,

    This guy needs a scrach pole. Got one for my cat and even spread a little cat nip on it………works like a charm…………..Meowoooooooo!

  2. chelsi said,

    I have a dog and for some reason it is not the same kind
    jokes but that is what my dog dose but
    i will always love her

    ( rrrrrrroooooooohhhhhhhh )

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