December 10, 2008

Auto Bailout

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This is how I feel



June 1, 2008

British Air Security Tells Dude He Can’t Fly Cuz Of Tshirt

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The tshirt had a cartoon of Optimus Prime on it.  What a bunch of douche bags.


February 6, 2008

Clinton Gets Most Lobbyist Money

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I’m voting for Obama


January 22, 2008

How To Take Your Case To Small Claims Court

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I should have done this when T-Mobile screwed me


January 16, 2008

World Bank Projects Corrupt

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So much corruption in this world.  Too much greed.


January 15, 2008

Open Congress

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“As Congress returns tomorrow to start a new session, OpenCongress is excited to announce a major update that will put all the bills and votes at your fingertips. It’s never been easier to track what’s happening with your government.Now you can build a personal profile on OpenCongress of the bills and people you’re tracking, network with other users, comment and vote on bills, and much more. To get started, create your own “My OpenCongress” profile, it’s free and only takes a minute.”

July 3, 2007

I Fucking Hate Bush

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Who the hell voted for him anyways?  I wish I had a president as a friend so I can get out of jail even though I was convicted of a crime.


June 20, 2007

World’s Worst Currencies

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Inflation is a bitch


May 4, 2007

The Cast Of Heroes Before Heroes

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Nathan was in TOP GUN?!?!?!


April 30, 2007

Pictures From China

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I wonder how old these pictures are


April 12, 2007

Lee Iacocca Is My Hero

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“Am I the only guy in this country who’s fed up with what’s happening? Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder. We’ve got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we’ve got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can’t even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car. But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, “Stay the course.” Stay the course? You’ve got to be kidding. This is America, not the damned Titanic. I’ll give you a sound bite: Throw the bums out!

You might think I’m getting senile, that I’ve gone off my rocker, and maybe I have. But someone has to speak up. I hardly recognize this country anymore. The President of the United States is given a free pass to ignore the Constitution, tap our phones, and lead us to war on a pack of lies. Congress responds to record deficits by passing a huge tax cut for the wealthy (thanks, but I don’t need it). The most famous business leaders are not the innovators but the guys in handcuffs. While we’re fiddling in Iraq, the Middle East is burning and nobody seems to know what to do. And the press is waving pom-poms instead of asking hard questions. That’s not the promise of America my parents and yours traveled across the ocean for. I’ve had enough. How about you?”


March 30, 2007

MC Rove In The House

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Karl Roves Raps


October 25, 2006

The Rich Get Richer

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Some of the stuff I don’t really agree with but it’s funny how messed up the US is right now. I also like how the website actually gives it’s sources for the numbers it lists.

BUSH’S TAX CUTS GIVE a 2-child family earning $1 million an extra $86,722—or Harvard tuition, room, board, and an iMac G5 for both kids.

A 2-CHILD family earning $50,000 gets $2,050—or 1/5 the cost of public college for one kid.


October 23, 2006

Free Legal Forms

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September 28, 2006

Pakistani President Musharraf on the Daily Show

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September 19, 2006

Visual Representation Of Your Tax Dollars

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September 13, 2006

More American Have Died In Iraq, Than In 9/11

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“Here are the numbers: 3,015 Americans have died in Iraq as of September 9. 2,666 of these were military deaths and 349 were civilians.”


September 6, 2006

Wages Decrease… Again

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Who do I blame?  Bush of course!


September 5, 2006

Tiananmen Square Massacre

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Pretty crazy. Makes you think about what we take for granted in America.


PBS’s report.  The tankman = Balls of Steel


August 9, 2006

How To: Find A Good Lawyer

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August 8, 2006

Jon Stewart’s Post 9/11 Speech

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Very well put.


August 1, 2006

Drug Test Victims Won’t Get Compensation

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These individuals took some test drugs and now they basically have no immune system.  But the drug company is now bankrupt and the testing company says they aren’t liable.  Basically these people are screwed.  Now this did happen in the UK where it seems that drug trial rules are a little more lax there.


July 30, 2006

F-14 Tomcat Retires

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July 1, 2006

“Is There Anything I Can Do To Get Out Of This Ticket Officer?”

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June 28, 2006

How To: Flex Your Rights When Dealing With Cops

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Note: Use at your own risk


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