September 17, 2008

Obama Vs McCain

Posted in Politics at 4:36 pm by snag

I seriously don’t understand why anyone in the middle class would vote for McCain. I mean, come on.  a $19 tax break for people making less than $19k a year?  $19?????  In his speaches you hear him talking about tax cuts to help people pay for gas and food and mortgages.  Who needs the most help paying for gas and food?  Uh, the poor.  I don’t think $19 is going to go that far for these people.  And mortgages?  Those would be the middle class folk that are in danger of losing their homes.  Their tax break?  $113-$319.  That’s not even one monthly payment.  I understand there are more issues at stake but come on.  $19??????

From the Washington Post

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