June 23, 2008

When Taking Pictures

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Please remember to hide your adult toys
fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures


June 18, 2008

Dude Gets Stabbed In The Chest

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Instead of going to the hospital, he goes home to “sleep it off”


Teen Kills Self Joyriding Steamroller

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wow! school’s out! let’s go joy ride some construction equipment!  i wonder if i can make it up this steep hill!


Screw DeBeers. Get Artificial Diamonds

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Article on diamond making.

“When Linares was at a diamond conference a few years ago, he says, a man he declines to describe slipped behind him as he was walking out of a hotel meeting room and said someone from a natural diamond company just might put a bullet in his head. “It was a scary moment,” Linares recalls.”


June 15, 2008

Red Bull Can Art

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Ruining ppls’ perfectly good photos


June 9, 2008

Whole Cast Of Futurama

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Classic Pictures Done In Legos

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Nice Aerial Photographs

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Securely Erase Any Drive Using Wipe Disk

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Overwrites data sector by sector.  Freeware


Auction Sniping Program

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2000 NES Games On Your Firefox Browser

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Translated into english

Harajuku Gallery

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June 4, 2008

New Video Of Cube Dweller Going Ape Isht

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Guess it was a hoax

Balloon Art

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June 3, 2008

Periodic Table In Flash

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Right click Save!


Innovative Brothels

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mmmhhh Soapland


June 1, 2008

Girl Pretends To Be 19 Years Old, Puts Man In Jail

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Cuz she was actually 13 and they had sex.

“One of the reasons for the law is the fact that minors have poor judgment,” said Jerry Dean, the girl’s father.

What a douche bag.  The father should be the one that is sent to jail.  The law isn’t there to raise your daughter numb nuts.  You should be teaching your kids not to whore themselves out on myspace….for the second time.


Missing A Manual For A Video Game?

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Check here


British Air Security Tells Dude He Can’t Fly Cuz Of Tshirt

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The tshirt had a cartoon of Optimus Prime on it.  What a bunch of douche bags.