October 10, 2007

New Lamborghini Concept

Posted in Cars at 12:18 am by snag




  1. Lamborghini said,

    uuu man i just love Lamborghini.

    • larry said,

      i love lamborghini too,the cars are just works of art dude!

  2. cory said,

    if that was parked in my driveway i’d probably get shot. or if i drove it to school they’d key it.

  3. singh said,

    nise is it you car in your dremes

  4. DeMiC said,

    i jst busteD!!!.

  5. DanielSan said,

    Lamborghini’s are the cars that are almost perfect because it is made for SPEED and Prestige and that is AWESOME!!!!! I love this car :*

  6. Dutch said,

    Wow! Where can I order one?

    I hope it’s less than $2000, cos that’s my budget 😉

  7. justin said,

    i hate it its to boxy in the back, the wheels are bigger in the back then in the front, the front looks like a skyline, and its not aerodynamic.

    • larry said,

      okay,have you ever seen a hot rod?wheels are bigger in the back,it looks nice,i like exotic car,but im still a fan of american cars!

  8. hanna said,

    isnt this an embolado tho?? ~_~

  9. agung said,

    lamborghini keren banget

  10. gent said,

    this is such a car but i like ferrari

  11. Esteban said,

    Well, this car looks nice but too much of a cross between the Gallardo and the Reventon. Audi is messing up the image of Lamborghini by doing this.

  12. dextro said,

    omg this car is awsome i never seen anything so complex i cant wait to find wuts under the hood

  13. ermia said,

    that is so nice. but you can design better than it!

  14. sam said,

    dude… i love lamborghini, but this is just pushing the design over the line! i mean, this is things so ugly! wat a disservice to ferruccio lamborghini’s legacy!!!

  15. mArk said,

    this cars so cool n fast but will lamorghini com up with different design already?they all look the same. reventon murcielago gallardo now this? c`mon.

    • larry said,

      have you not seen the suv they made?huh?!

  16. me said,

    i think that the new lambo is rubbish because it looks like a bin and my bike is better than that and it was 2 quid and it only has 1 wheel

  17. I think that this car looks like a Batman car and who likes Batman if they are over 3 years old. This car looks slow and is probably so expensive that only Chuck Norris would buy it, totally not worth the fuss

    Yours Truly,
    Cris Carrington OBE(se)
    Google UK INC.

    • larry said,

      okay fist of all,lamborghini is a beautiful car,no matter what one it is,this is one of the nices they have made!its very moderin!

  18. Lil' D said,

    they should name that the Lamborghini Shark ZX it looks like a shark to me.

  19. Ireland said,

    i hope you guys know that they modifies this and this was one of the first sketches for the reventon

  20. zach adams said,

    this is posibly one of the best concept of this design i have seen, in one word to describe this would be “outstanding.”

  21. auter3 said,

    wow this is awesome but how much will it cost?

  22. Aaron Mkd said,

    damn that thing’s hot , so i better watch my hands, i dont want burn my self Lambo baby…

  23. sebastian said,

    i’d love a lambo but they’re 2 expensive. im a poor southern boy that just wants a supercar 4 his 1st. thats why i fell in love with Nissan and there icon Z. but for now imma settle for a sentra se-r spec v and work my way up. i actually thought about gettin a murcielago real early but i dont have a job for one and idk if lambo dealerships do monthly payments for two and for three if they did do monthly, i’d probably be payin it all off by the time im 60 lol so unless i get rich quick, no lambo for me. hell i probably wont get 2 drive one in this lifetime lol

  24. yeah.. said,

    i hope they never make this, it just looks terrible. what the hell is on the top of the back wheel?
    i like lambos, but inside of audis xD

  25. CARTchamp said,

    This has been around for a fw years, it’s a design school students take on a future Lamborghini. IFAIK Lamborghini has nothing to do with this.

    That being said it isnt that bad, but it looks more like a modern Fiat x1/9 than a Lamborghini.

  26. larry said,

    dudes,i would kill for this car!!!!!!!im just a fan of exotic cars,lamborghini is my fav though,always has been,always will be!there BEAUTIFUL cars!!

  27. wnone said,

    hey man
    im froim iran would you find this car in the iran????
    because it is expensive
    and the other sentence :
    britania is the biggest terrorist in the world!
    just it is good to fuck some peaple like bush and ….

  28. Asigma said,

    This is such an amazing car, I mean, just look at it. Lamborghini is my dream car. This car is my favorite. Oh, I sound like such a drama idiot. Whatever. Would you want this car? Do you agree that this is the best car? Whatever. It’s not like you’re gonna respond to me. You simply don’t care. Nobody cares anymore. Chat rooms are just full of money poachers, identity theifs, and inapropriate language. Nobody cares about cars anymore. So it’s reasonable you won’t respond.

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