June 25, 2007

Electronic Bubble Wrap Toy

Posted in Toys at 8:02 am by snag

You get the feel and sound of popping bubble wrap.  bandai-bubble-wrap-toy.jpg


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  1. Elizabeth Yang said,

    Dear Ms/Sirs,

    We need urgently your best quotation for the following product :,

    – Our Ref : YQPUR-07-001
    – Product name : BUBBLE WRAP SIMULATOR
    – Product Description : Please refer to the below picture for reference. Please quote us the keyring separately… Product simulates the look, feel, and sound of popping bubble wrap. Every 100 “pops” gives you a random sound like for example , “barking dog”, “sexy voice”, the “fart” noise or other Batteries: LR41 x 2 (included) or any other standard existing batteries used for this item
    – Use Of Product : Having the same sensations as if you were popping plastic bubble
    – Extra Elements Description : Product simulates the look, feel, and sound of popping bubble wrap. The sound and feel should be the same as the typical wrapping plastic which is used in frequent packaging (See photo below). The only difference is that this gadget continues to deliver the same sound and the same feeling every time again you push on the plastic nobs.
    – Product Sizes : standard existing size
    – Product Materials : kind of soft plastic – standard existing material from the suppliers
    – Material Color : 1 PMS color for background
    – Nbr Of Color Version : 1
    – Type Of Printing : please quote us separatly logo printed in 1PMS color (and give us price of each additional color)
    – Size And Postion Of Printing : in 1 position on the backside of the item
    – Nbr Of Printing Version :1
    – Products Norms : conform to standard UE norms
    – Quantities Requested : 100K – 300K – 500K

    Please quote use FOB Prices,

    Thanks in advance for your quick reply,
    Best regards,

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