June 19, 2007

How To: Treat Mosquito Bites

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  1. Hubie said,

    I tried dish detergent and it stop the etch instantly.

  2. leah said,

    Deodorant doesn’t work

  3. Julia said,

    I use Vinegar.
    Works pretty well

  4. Ruth said,

    What exactly do people mean when they say “mosquitos like sweet blood?” … because that’s what it seems I have! It NEVER fails that I go outside & get a mosquito bite! I usually put rubbing alcohol on it ‘kill’ the itching but that only lasts for so long until I’m scratching profusely again  After doing some searching on the internet I found a ‘skin healer’ called “Repcillin” that I could also use. I found it at http://www.africanskinhealers.com & the product is 100% natural. Is there such a thing? Well, I tried it & immediately after applying the balm, I no longer feel the itch or the urge to scratch!!!! So in other words, my nails are no longer taking care of damaging my skin. Wow, I’m impressed! At this point in my life I had nothing to lose & it’s all natural so why not! If you suffer from ANY skin disorder, I would suggest you give this stuff a try. You can always start out by trying the smallest size in case you doubt that this is yet another thing that will most likely not work for you (as I did). Now that I see how fast & great it works, I’ll be ordering more!

  5. patti said,

    I’ve been getting at least 5 bites when I walk IN my house. The 1st thing I reach for is “OFF.” I’ve tried dry bar soap, alcohol, toothpaste, Sting Soothe, ect…….I’m about out of my mind itching. I think I’m immune to OFF, Cutters,…..
    I have 53 rose bushes I water daily & plenty of indoor plants. Funny thing is I never see the mosquitoes that bite me. I think I’ll start taking garlic tablets & keep reading up on it. By the time I find a good repellent &/or itching product, they’l be gone & it’ll be something else to drive me batty!

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