March 30, 2007

Goldfish Lives In A Deep Fryer

Posted in Animals, Cool at 4:04 pm by snag

It’s living underneath the hot oil part in the water.  I guess it’s smart enough to not go towards the surface.




  1. keith watkins said,

    is that for real or what

  2. kelsi said,

    that cannot be healthy for that fish

  3. anonymous said,

    that is so mean and cruel. how would you like that if i did that to you. animal crualty

  4. zed said,

    its just a dumb fish

    • marjolein said,

      and your just a dumb person !!

  5. Michelle said,

    You are a disgusting waste of a human being, you are someone who has nothing better to do then to abuse someone smaller than you. Instead of wasting your time why don’t you go do something productive with your insignificant life.

  6. ZED said,

    yo, its a stupid fish, i kill fish all the time for fun, it isnt going to help anybody, that fish cant help andbody, useles waster of money and time.

    • marjolein said,

      so what if i go kill you? your the biggest mistake ever placed on earth! you devil!

  7. anonymous said,

    Look Zed why don’t you close your stupid mouth and try to make use of your worthless, meaningless life. I’d like to see you die in the worst and most painful way possible.

  8. Al said,

    Michelle and anonymous are so right and as for you Zed I hope you do die too!!

  9. ZED said,

    dude wtf, is a fish, what is wrong with you, it isnt going to help anyone, and that isnt painful for the fish, ITS A STUPID USELESS FISH, USLESS PET WASTE OF MONEY so stfu and live your stupid useless animal loving life.


    • marjolein said,

      you idiot! of course it hurts the fish!

  10. wren said,

    i hope you suffer the horrible carma for this.

  11. zed said,

    why are you mad, its a fish, it sits in a bowl and does nothin. Some webbsites say this fish is having the best time in the little pool below the oil. Just back off people, there isnt anything you can do, it is living a happy life and it doesnt want to be disturbed, some poeple love anmimals so much like anomynus and michelle and they dont realize… If they see a animal and think it is being harmed they will do something about it and the animal will be put in a adoption home, but they might not realize, that, that is probably the animals home, its habitat, all its friends it was living with. Same with the fish, it is living a good life.



    • marjolein said,

      oxygen gets in the water thru the surface, but in there the surface is seperated from fresh air. you are sooooo dumb

  12. gemma said,

    zed you r so wrong i agree with wren and al and chelsea you r so cruel

  13. Damon said,

    I will say this: All life has value. I don’t hope anything bad happens to you Zed, but I don’t think you would pour used oil in your mom’s fish tank, your girlfriend’s fish tank, or even your own fish tank and think, “I don’t think this is a bad idea”.

    Regardless if fish are much less intelligent than the human species I don’t believe it justifies their existence as futile or meaningless. It’s life, and all life should have a chance to exist on this earth.

    Lastly, I believe if you were that fish and you knew what you know now about used frying oil, I don’t believe that you would be comfortable with that polluted oil floating above you. You at least would miss the natural look of light and the natural taste of water flowing over your gills. Anyway, peace to all.

  14. gemma said,

    i agree with damon. zed do u actually kill fish for fun all the time because if u do that’s really cruel and disgusting

  15. i love animmals said,

    zed that is so mean watch i hope when you die you have to live in your own pee and poo Even if it is a fish NOTHING DESERVES TO BE HARMED BECAUSE NOTHING DESERVES TO DIE and ur so mean that i think u do

  16. Zed said,

    ok, no i dont acually kill fish, i just wanted to hear what everyone tohught of this pic, that isnt oil its corn syrup, i clean it daily and put chicken in it so my teacher believes its acually oil, i would never do that to a fish, i said all those things becuase i wanted to hear what people had in there heart, deep down, just right down inside, how much love they would give, give for just a little fish, Thanks


    • marjolein said,

      O.O okay.. we’ll i hope the fish is allright XD

  17. gemma said,

    r u serious u tricked us ha ha thet was a good one everyone was all like i hope u die

  18. idiot said,

    ha ha ha

  19. Zed said,

    i hope your not all mad, you guys got me a A- on my project, Please dont be mad, and thanks

    My real name is Kirk Forster

  20. andreea said,

    zed, even if that was o joke, i still believe you are stupid and i would kill you without even think about that twice, you sun of a *****. pray that i will not track you down, you piece of ***

  21. Zed said,

    how could i be stupid, im in a private school for those smarter than what most highschools can give out. And if you would kill because of a joke, then ur obviously a freak and wacked


  22. gemma said,

    oh by the way kirk good job for getting an A on your project oh and andreea what the fuck is your problem u bitch

  23. bob said,

    lol i hate i eat them 4 dinner. i hopre this fish becomes my deep fat fried diiner from long johnn silvers

  24. bob said,

    i hate fish i hope this becomes my deep fat fried dinner from long john silvers!!!

    • marjolein said,

      bob, your a f*cking retard

  25. kate said,

    i ador goldfish and if a goldfish is living in water above 32 degrees celceus
    it probably will die! i hav 2 goldfish @ home named supper and buddy, the
    water temp isent very high.

    • marjolein said,

      i love goldfish too, right now i am trying to breed them ^^

  26. (>-_-)> Hugyz said,

    Hey People cant you enjoy just a funny picture go damn u people r retard! F**king leave people alone for leaving comments and people call other people live worthless or whatever how bout if i tell u your life was wasted by just taking a PICTURE! RETARDS! GOD!

    • Tomasz said,

      go away u stupid idiot i hope you die too

  27. luis said,

    was this an experiment or what?
    what is your point?
    explain yourself.

  28. lola said,

    i luv fish i have a 50 gal tank in my room. so go to hell you sick son of a @$?&@!!! you stupid ussles prick

  29. someoneIwontreplaybackto said,

    ok wft its a fish who cares, get on with your life

  30. DeepRed said,

    Actually goldfish can live in water at 32C, they thrive in water up to 36C. They actually grow faster in warm water.
    I kept mine in a big tank with tropicals and they grew huge. No problems at all.

    • marjolein said,

      didn’t they eat some of the smaller tropicals?

  31. meepinizer said,

    dude, thats crule. what if some1 did that to you!? it’s like some1 shooting you in the stomach with a pistol, laughing, dumping grease on you, and saying HA! HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!

  32. nick said,

    that is so mean u could at least sell it if you didnt want it u should not be so cruel to a living creature!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. poor little fish is it still alive today?

  34. nolly said,

    how could u do that 2 a little fish Zed and i think that there was no joke its just mean

  35. Warren said,

    lmao, why would you all believe that it’s a deep fryer? Why would a deep fryer be transparent? Where would the heat be coming from? Why would there be water below a deep fryer?

  36. someone??? said,

    did u ever think about the people that eat the food that goes into the fryer?? GROSS!!! and have u not ever studied science, i guess u have not beacuse if u did u would know about the food web. the food web explains that EVERYTHING HAS TO GO TOGETHER OR YOU, ZED, WOULD DIE!!! ok, so if u think that fish are worth nothing, sorry but u are SOOO WRONG!!! so get your mind in the right position and help the poor little fish out!!!

  37. jak said,

    lola, michelle, al, the fish clearly doesnt care where it is… its alive… and swimming… seems healthy… look up factory farming. thats animal cruelty… and “someone???” i dont think one goldfish dying is going to upset the food chain… go to a petsmart. they have hundreds for like 15 cents each… doesnt look like the earth is low on goldfish…

    • marjolein said,

      fucking retard ^

  38. ZMannZilla said,

    I’m going to go ahead and guess that NONE of you geniuses actually clicked on the picture to view the video…?

    • oooJASONooo said,


  39. Tomasz said,

    Are you mad?
    Think what it would be like to be starved of oxygen and placed in a tank of water with boiling oil on top
    You either suffocate or try and not be killed by hot oil whilst trying to get out which wont happen.
    let god punish u so badly you never touch a fish again

  40. None said,

    Its a dumb fish for gods sake
    how can u care so much for somthing with a brain the size of a pea.
    go zed

  41. None said,

    My god u asses. ITS A FISH

    • harrym said,

      gees none, just cus its a fish dont mean it cant feel pain, do you have any empathy?

  42. Dylan said,

    I used to catch fish all the time. Did any of you realized that you eat fish? Wow. Like seriously when you go to restaurants and eat something, there is probably fish in it. And for those of you are vegetarians, did you not know that plants are LIVING? Yes, that’s right, they breathe just like we do (they breath carbon dioxide though). Seriously, I think some people need reality checks.
    I am not saying that there is nothing wrong with putting that fish into a greasy tank, because that is cruel, I am against animal CRUELTY! When I was younger, we used to go to a wharf with fishing rods, and just catch fish for fun, if they died before we got them off the hook, then that’s that. They were only sculpins anyways.
    It is not right to pollute a fish’s water with this. But people should layoff a little bit and think about, he always has food, how long has he lived there and is he even having any problems.
    OH! I have one las thing to say! Don’t keep him in there for too long. There’s only so much oxygen in that water. He needs oxygen to breathe, with that grease on top, no oxygen is getting even near the water.

    • harrym said,

      Dylan, being a vegetarian i can say that u r wrong!
      Plants may breath and all but they have no brain and unlike animals cant feel pain, they dont even know that they cant feel pain

  43. Christy said,

    I’m sure that’s not healthy for the Fish.

    And you animal-hating people can go jump off a cliff, hit a branch on the way down, and die in the Ocean. And I hope the fishes eat you and make home of your Skeleton.

    So yeah.

  44. Flippy said,

    That is so retarted, I mean come on, why would anyone do that. I bet that he is liying to us and its only a fish tank.

  45. Chris said,

    lol@this chain of comments; its the most ive ever read.

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