February 20, 2007

MC Escher In Lego’s

Posted in Art at 5:07 am by snag




  1. ggwfung said,

    what one can do with lego.


  2. sdf said,

    wtf this is homo

  3. sdf said,

    bannana fucks

  4. me said,

    WOW!!!!! :O

    visit http://www.i-jensi.piczo.com !!!!

  5. Steve said,

    M.C. Escher is awesome. And this is a very derivative work with legos!

  6. Jacki Chan said,

    uhhhh wat gos her? duh!!!!1 haha lol

  7. Shosha said,

    Thats really kool!!!

  8. Phoenix said,

    That’s great.

  9. mwa said,

    wow! im doing a project on M.C. Escher! He is amazing!

  10. mwa said,

    Wow! im doing a project on Escher! he is awesome!!!

  11. dab said,

    Fantastic fun whilst very clever. Just like Escher himself.

  12. jo emery said,

    Far Out Man you are one crazy betch that is unreal and amazing to get what escher had and show it in form mathematical

  13. Brittney said,


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