November 20, 2006

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

Posted in Sports at 9:50 am by snag




  1. Blue Haven said,

    Very cool pool! Looks like it goes on forever!

  2. Anastasia Koulouris said,

    This pool looks like an underground city!!! And it looks super deep!!

  3. Joe said,

    Hi . it seems to say HI, hi, hi,hi,hi,hi,hi,hi,hi,h,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……………………………………………………….

  4. Chocolate said,

    It only looks 12 feet deep, but I heard that circular pit was like 108 feet deep or something! WOW

  5. ami said,


  6. Deja said,

    If it is that deep, then it is not a swimming pool, thet can’t pay me a million dollars to get in that!! Where is that located?

    • CandyBoo said,

      It’s called Nemo 33 located in Belgium.

  7. evan said,

    OHH EMM GEE. like no way. thats soooooooooo cool! 😀

  8. caleb dude said,

    that was So cool where is it i want to go there

  9. timmy said,

    where is that

  10. HeHa said,

    Shark heaven…

  11. Natalie said,

    Holy crapsters!! That thing is HUGE!!!!

  12. Amanda said,

    Holy crap!!! 108ft.!!! I wonder how long it would take a penny to flout to the bottom!!!!

  13. Buttheaded, dumbbutt said,

    I like cheese!!1 hahahahaha!!!!!!!! 🙂 I made a weird comment!!!

  14. at home we have a kidney-shaped swimming pool that is well maintained, i love swimming on it all day long ‘

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