November 15, 2006

Dude Tattoos His Face As A Skull

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  1. jess said,

    wow, that is soo cool. freaky, but cool

  2. bethanie said,

    wow man that is sooo intense i dont think no i know i wouldnet be able to do somthing like that CODOS man xxx

  3. TESone said,


  4. X-man said,

    I don’t know if it’s real or not, but if it is real – good luck getting a job, a girlfriend, a retirement home when your old, and a normal life. If this guy really has his face tattooed, the tattooist should be ashamed of him or herself.

  5. Stella...Star said,

    I feel bad for staring without having paid for a ticket. IDIOT!!!


  6. BigDAVE said,

    I’m a tattooist and I have to say, you give tattoos a bad name. I would never do something so disgraceful.
    Enjoy the rest of your eternal halloween.
    Ps, If marshal law was declared, I’d shoot you in the head and put you out of your misery – fuckwit.

  7. GIRL said,

    oh man. like if tattoos were removeable it would be cool and i would give you props. but they aren’t and i bet as you are reading all of these hate comments on your tattoo you agree with them all. man you are a Adult and you go and do something like that. STUPID
    clown love bitches woop woop

  8. RME said,

    This is what happens when your bored. You end up doing stupid things. The tattoo artist who had done this should have his credentials taken away, for agreeing to do this work…

  9. dude sweet said,

    i agree with all the other comments, you should like really kill yourself because you are probably never gonna live a normal life, i know tattoos are cool, but that thing in your face only proves how stupid you are. I was thinking that the only cool thing about your tattoo is that you dont have to get a halloween suit cause you already have one, but then again i think that one day youll get bored of always wearing the same disguise. sucker

  10. albert said,

    OMG JAJAJAJAJAJAJA that guy is such a dumb ass… tattos are cool, but not like this… I agree with all these coments… I cant even imagine tha day you want to see your normal face again…. buy lots of make up jajaja.. you can even paint it white joker style… and hide your dumb tat.

    Imagine waking up to that tattoo on your face for the next 50 years… coudnt even brush my theeth …

    • plant said,

      what fuck is theeth?

  11. albert said,

    why? why would you put your friends and family through looking at that now for the rest of your life.

    goodbye family pictures
    goodbye real jobs
    goodbye hot smart chicks

  12. desert pirate said,

    wow! they missed your eyelids, how drunk was your tat artist. i’d get your money back man. and, ummm skulls do not have foreheads made of skin, growm some wrinkles to look like cracks in your skull. bummer dude

  13. desert pirate said,

    by the way, there is a huge fly on your neck

  14. -YoUnG_CuZz- said,

    So Mr.Dumb-Ass how does it fill ………………
    let me ask one thing …WHY?

  15. Spazerien said,

    This is amazing.

  16. Damo said,


    awwwwww man i got to say ignore all these twats are saying about you. you look about as good as a piece of dog shit.

    what a waste of money time and your life.

    well done

    o ya by the way everyone is right

  17. peruano said,

    yo i hope ur face was just painted cause if its tattooed man i feel sorry for u cause u is never going too get a job .the only place they will give u a job is at haunted houses on the beach pier. ps good luck man

  18. peruano said,

    yo i hope ur face was just painted cause if its tattooed man i feel sorry for u cause u is never going too get a job .the only place they will give u a job is at haunted houses on the beach pier. good luck man

  19. shelley said,

    the artwork on the teeth look really kool!

  20. sweaty balls in my face said,

    Yo brohanski, you look like a total fucking douchebag… you should be taking some kind of penis up your ass. but i gotta say that is one of the most retarded things i have ever seen. Super retarded.. sorry man good luck getting with the girls.

  21. leah said,

    wat made you get that then lol

  22. leah said,

    its up to him wat tattoo he gets so you lot stop giving im sh1t

  23. john go blowme said,

    loving the acne there nerdstatus, totally shradical

  24. christian said,

    loving the acne there nerdstatus, totally shradical to the extreme

  25. $kyler Demas$ said,

    i didnt know freaks came with a tattooed face loser. time to grow up and realize what a disgrace to men you are. Good luck finding any but a retard from the Cirque’ de Solei

  26. kitty said,

    i think it’s kool & if its real & he wants a job u can wear foundation 2 cover it up so u guys that have something wrong 2 say get a life & stop talking shit

  27. IT's his life said,

    It’s his own life dudes…..
    If he wanted to tatoo his face he did it what is your problem with that ?
    Yes his kinda stupid but it’s his life and he can do what ever he wants with it
    am i right ?

  28. [SIC] said,

    honestly, the actual tattoo itself is too flawed to be put on your face. you can tell where the tattooist stopped to take a break or overnight… I respect the fact that this tattoo and the guy wearing it are unique in their own way but i would not hire you, i would not let you within ten feet of my kids, and i would definately not be around you in public. besides, its really up to him if he wants to eliminate himself from the job market, sex market, gene pool, and social aspect of life.

    see kids, sometimes what you think is cool, really isnt.

  29. Vix said,

    Most of these comments are bullshit! …

    Honestly this tat is AMAZING, it unique, artistic and fucking sick. Big round of applause to the tatto0ist and this dude. Its really origional, you either LOVE or HATE tatto0’s ay. Id be so tempted to run up to this guy and touch his face.

    Nice Work THUMBS UP!

  30. GAV WHITE said,

    Im with vix on this it looks amazing and if you got the balls to do it then hey go for it. To all the losers who think this guy cant get a job…………..Maybe he dont need one maybe hes a millionaire.

    The difference between tattooed people and non tattooed people……….. we dont criticise you for not having them.

  31. alex said,

    it’s a fake

  32. NoDuh said,

    I myself am a tattoo artist. The tattoo doesn’t look real.
    Cool make up!

  33. BIG WAUN said,


  34. RedBunnyofDeath said,

    hahaha!! wonder what the hell he was smoking….
    Ya can’t really give him shit for doing what he wants to his body…
    buut… you can still point and laugh….

  35. RedBunnyofDeath said,

    Oh… saw updated pics with more work done to him.. LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME!!

  36. MonikaX666 said,

    you are a dumbass for doing that, now your not gonna get a good job or have a wife/girlfriend.

  37. The Face said,

    Dear commenters

    This is the guy you are talking about. Thank you for all he comments, it just goes to show you how fucking spitful and hurtful people really are. NO IT’S NOT A FUCKING TATTOO YOU FUCIKNG RETARDS! It was a halloween costume my buddy, who’s a tattoo arists, painted it on but no it’s not real. But to everyone who decided to voice they’re opinions about how they wouldn’t doit and i’m a dumbass. Who the fuck cares. If you wouldn’t doit thats fine, turns out neither would I.

    So have a nice day, take a big step back and fuck yourselves.

  38. ThatGirl said,

    well dude i’m pretty damn glad it’s not a tattoo..pretty freaky halloween costume thou. pretty. freaky.

  39. The Truth said,

    It probs is real if ur gettin that defensive u stupid twat.
    u look ridiculous

  40. lucas mnm said,

    cocaines a hell of drug!

  41. ant said,

    wow all i hear from these comments are people bitchin bout the artist u guys must not have tattoos …the artist should be ashamed ..?wtf……his credentials should be striped?…..people are retarded …im a tattoo artist and yeah its extreme but u gotta look at the tattoo ,is it a professional tat….yes ….clean work…. sure this guy new the consequences when he got the tattooand about a job what if hes a construction worker ? in california no one cares if u work construction and have tattoos . if he came into my shop and had the money to get tattooed i dont care were the hell im tattooing u as long u can take it

  42. callum said,

    right hang on a sec!! it was this guys desision , stupid desision a will admit but if he wanted it then good on him

  43. Nat said,

    haha, all these lame comments, it’s pretty ridiculous.
    this guy has the right to do WHATEVER the fuck he wants with HIS face. who is anybody to say he wont get a job or girlfriend?? that’s CRAZY!!!
    people are UNIQUE. and that is a beautiful thing .. maybe some people don’t want to blend away into the distance like most of you idiots on here and get some job that basis your potential on what you look like rather than what you have to offer. ever thought this guy is more than just a fucking face? judging from some comments on here tho -i’d say for some of you, it’s a long shot.
    p.s real or not that’s amazing artwork 🙂

  44. Kalyn said,

    Dude…uh it’s cool and all but seriously you should’ve chosen face paint!

  45. pilo said,


  46. Jaron said,

    Sweet… Nice work

  47. joe said,

    What a complete and utter retard, guess its halloween permanantly for this reject. Tattoos are cool as hell I have a few but damn.

  48. goer said,

    this is really sick

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