October 18, 2006

Is Autism Caused By The Television?

Posted in Health at 3:43 am by snag

Cornell researches have found a correlation between kids under 3 watching tv and autism.



  1. RatMan said,

    These professors are economist, we all know how bad their track records are. Their hypothesis is that children that live in “high precipitation” counties watched more TV as youngsters and therefore this correlates with increased rates of autism. The other correlate, for increased viewing, was counties with high cable television content/subscriptions, also experienced increase viewing and a rise in autism. Bottomline autism is an epidemic that is going under reported and this study is trumpeted by the mainstream media to divert the true causes. The CDC is complicit in covering the tracks of the pharmaceuticals and their liability regarding mercury toxicity poisoning. Read the articles linked and start asking why are they diverting attention? This is about avoiding the largest class action suit in the history of our nation………………

  2. I saw the same stuff at another blog. The same thing…it is ridiculous to suggest that children are induced into autism by TV.
    Let’s not forget the toxic overload we are giving them…heavy metals, exitotoxins, rubbish food, and microwaves everywhere with mobile phones.
    Kind of makes TV a very minor effect!

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