September 4, 2006

Steve Irwin, My Hero, Dead

Posted in Animals, Nature, News at 7:12 am by snag

Killed by a stingray. It’s a shame. He should have died at the teeth of a saltwater croc. But I guess Steve Irwin would never die at the hand of a croc. Since he’s an expert. I can’t believe he’s dead.

“This one for all my dead homies”




  1. Luke said,

    Steve, you were my hero who i always looked up too.

    Whenever i was down i just watched you show and you gave me strength with your love for life and Enthusiasm.

    I will miss you very much.

  2. Alexa Santos said,

    Steve Irwin,you made me happy when Im sad. I prayed for you since you died. Thank you also for being my hero,being so loving and enthusiastic.I miss you so much…….

  3. kylie said,

    the mad croc man
    does something no man can,
    when he faces fear
    we all hear
    bindi our darling
    polite and calming
    daddy would glad
    to hear you stand
    and tell the world how much you miss him
    and tell the them who made him
    we miss you steve and always will
    this is not goodbye forever
    just goodbye for now

    isn’t she a beauty

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