July 19, 2006

Woman Charged With Hit And Run AND Burning Down Two Homes

Posted in Crime, News at 7:55 am by snag

First the woman kills a motorcyclist.

Second, she flees the scene.

Third, one of her tires is out and the sparks from her tire rim starts fires along her escape route.

Four, which burn two homes.

That is some serious bad luck.




  1. trancefixed said,

    Bad luck was accidentily buring down 2 houses.

    Killing a motorcyclist and fleeing the scene is not bad luck, it’s reckless driving, dangerous and irresponsible behaviour.

    Deserves whatever she gets.

  2. snag said,

    I totally agree. I was just saying it was bad luck that she burned down two houses on top of that.

  3. Rmfajriv said,


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