July 7, 2006

Funniest 4th Of July Accident

Posted in Funny, News at 9:15 pm by snag

“five people were hurt during an accident involving fireworks. Berea police said the residents on North Rocky River Drive tried to bundle 50 to 200 sparklers together.”

I’ve tried a couple sparklers together and even that gives a good bang. 50 to 200? That’s pretty much a stick of dynamite.

” There were bricks placed around the sparklers and officials said one brick was found 225 feet away.”

What a dumb ass. Bricks? Like bricks are going to keep the shrapnel out. You’re just adding more shrapnel.




  1. Berea Moron said,

    For the record … it worked without a hitch last year:

    Bricks were used to hold the tube straight up, not to prevent srapnel. We just put too many in the tube this time. And go figure, the “sparkler tube fountain” was just the pre-show …

    — one of the Berea, OH morons

  2. snag said,

    My point was that anytime you have that much explosive power, anything surrounding it (bricks to hold it up) will become flying projectiles.

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