July 31, 2006

Lance From NSYNC Is Gay

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This One Time, At Band Camp

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I had a baby in the shower and hid it in the entertainment center.


July 30, 2006

That Crazy German Kid

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Playing Unreal Tournament.  It’s translated!  This kid’s got some real serious issues.  Hopefully it’s a joke or something staged.


Funny Safety Picture Site

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Lots of funny safety violations


How To: Win The Plush Toy Crane Game

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Man Has Fetus In Stomach

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Freaking Sick

“removed 2 pounds of hair”


F-14 Tomcat Retires

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Fake A Phone Call To Yourself

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“Have you ever been in a situation where you wished your cell phone would ring? Maybe you wanted to look extra important or popular on that hot date. Or maybe you just needed an excuse to escape from an unpleasant meeting.”


July 26, 2006

Latest iPod Accessory: Toilet Roll

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I gotta get me one of these.


Homeless Man Returns $21K But Gets Only $100 Reward

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“A homeless man who returned $21,000 worth of saving bonds he found in a trash bin is finding out how much honesty can pay off.”
“For his good deed, the bond owner’s son gave Moore $100”

What the hell is up with that.  The dude is homeless.  You can’t spare more than $100?  WTF.


How To: Customize Your XP Boot Screen

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How To: Back Up Your Blog

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Girl Was Raised By Pack Of Dogs

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“For five years, Oxana Malaya lived with dogs and survived on raw meat and scraps. When she was found she was running around on all fours barking.”

That shit is nuts.


Tourist Remover Photo Editor

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Take multiple pictures of the same shot and this software will remove pedestrians and passing cars from your picture.


Mouse Cursor Kite

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This kite looks just like a Mouse Cursor.


Strange Statues From Around The World

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Nintendo To Repair Cracked DS Lites For Free

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Apparently alot of buyers of the New Nintendo DS Lite have had the hinges crack due to poor quality plastic.  Nintendo is now replacing them for free.


Fisherman Almost Dies Due to Marlin

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“A fisherman was recovering from surgery after he was speared in the chest and knocked into the Atlantic Ocean by a blue marlin during a fishing competition off Bermuda’s coast.”

That would suck if he actually died at the hands of a fish.


Got A Picture of A Bug?

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Send it to this site if you want to know what it is.  This site has some great pictures of a variety of bugs.  Great if you’re bored.


Millionaire Vowes To Fight MPAA Racketeering

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“Shawn Hogan received an unsettling call: A lawyer representing Universal Pictures and the Motion Picture Association of America informed the 30-year-old software developer that they were suing him for downloading Meet the Fockers over BitTorrent. Hogan was baffled. Not only does he deny the accusation, he says he already owned the film on DVD. The attorney said they would settle for $2,500. Hogan declined.”

I hope he countersues for lawyer fees.


Real Time Traffic Cams On Your Cell From Google

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“Google Inc. said on Tuesday that the company has begun offering mobile phone users in more than 30 major U.S. cities the capacity to view highway maps with “live” traffic data.”


July 25, 2006

Guide To Useless WinXP Services

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Error Reporting Service
“Allows error reporting for services and applictions running in non-standard environments.”
I.e. “Send system information to Microsoft.” No thanks. Disable it.”


Two Kids Get An N64 For Christmas

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And they go crazy


Camping Fun

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Just got back from a camping trip which included some fishing and lots of food. It was the perfect weekend to get out of town. This weekend the temperatures were heading up to 108. The campsite my friends and I went to was right next to the ocean so we got some nice ocean breezes to keep us fairly cool. I’ve included some great pictures.







July 19, 2006

Woman Charged With Hit And Run AND Burning Down Two Homes

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First the woman kills a motorcyclist.

Second, she flees the scene.

Third, one of her tires is out and the sparks from her tire rim starts fires along her escape route.

Four, which burn two homes.

That is some serious bad luck.


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