June 19, 2006

All About Scientology

Posted in Sci-Fi at 9:41 am by snag

All Hail Lord Xenu

Update: Apparently, the site has been hit by Scientology's lawyers and has been shut down. My question is, if the Scientology scripture is true, why hide it? Oh that's right. Because people haven't been brainwashed errrr sorry. They "have not completed the prior steps of religious study and counseling" My bad!

Here's a mirror




  1. Diamonddille said,

    Do you also go to a plumber to find out about Jewelry?

    You Think you are finding out about Scientology from an anti-Scientology site? They are the ones that is promoting that Science fiction Xenu garbage. That is not Scientology. In all of my 30 years in and out of Scientology That is a whopper of a Story. That is only a story (Ron after all was a Science fiction writer), he uses to illustrate a point. The anti-Scientology groups, like www. Scientology lies, http://www.Operation clambake and the Rick Ross Foundation uses it to discredit Scientology. They didn’t bother to say what the point of the story was, Did they?
    Find out about these groups and why they are trying to destroy Scientology. It has got to do with your survival. You will not survive The future of this planet with out fixing your mind.

    Better find out if it is Science fiction or not. We are dealing with Spiritual knowledge and happenings of a nature the man in the street is only going to joke about. It is deadly searious, it is worth finding out about.

    Problem is finding out, requires that you get back your own spiritual memory of YOU. You are a Spiritual being with Spiritual abilites, beyond your comprehention. You think it is Science fiction, ok When a trained specialist of the mind a (Scientology auditor) takes you back into your own Past life and you are back in the incident. You say then that it is Science fiction;You say then Past lifes is a Myth. Want to know, then you are the one that has to look. Sorry you won’t make it real to your Mom or Dad. They have to be able to remember, themselves if they really want to know the truth…

    Truth is what brings back your abilitys. Scientology increases human abilities. You are the one that has to do it and determine if it works or not.

    Do your self the favor and find out for your self. Millions of people are. Yes millions of people can’t have the truth either, as there fixed ideas that they already knows keep them from looking. They can just easily rationalize that it is a joke, that it came from a Science fiction Writer, etc.

    It is only because they haven’t handled the factors in there own mind that keeps them from seeing, the truth. It lies in front of each of us, yet it has never been availed to man before on a massive scale. It sits right there in front of each of us. Our own mind stops us from seeing the truth.
    . Go into the agreements of the stops that man has always put there, to keep him from seeing the truth and you won’t see it either. I assure you The TRUTH is sitting right there, waiting for you to open your eyes.
    When a person finds out what Scientology is he becomes one.
    Scientology gives you back the other 90% of your abilities by fixing your own mind.
    Any one that doesn’t want that is the one that is nuts. When your nuts you can’t see the truth. Scientology is making man sane. When your sane you see the truth. Want the truth, then Find out about the technology Scientology has that gets back your own personal memories and abilities of you.

    Science Fiction, alright. Think if there was knowledge of such a high level, that it dealt with being cause over the physical level, that the man in the street is going to know about it? He won’t. Just like the Black belt in Karate that took the inititive to find out what he know, he knows, the man in the street won’t know and he won’t have the benefit of those abilities. He is trained to see the truth in that area of speciality. The average man in the street(95%)
    fail at life because they are stopped by there own mind, call it lack of inititive, procrastination, or lack of responsibility,what ever; It stems from your own mind. Your own mind traps you where your at. If you want too grow, you must see thru the fixed ideas one developes on the way. Your trapped at your own concideration level. Those conciderations came from somewhere and they lie with in your own mind or conciousness. What you concider is… They are what forms your ability level.. Where did you get that concideration from ? You can find out in Scientology, unless you concider you can’t. You are the one that makes each decision or concideration. They form what always happens to you. A Scientologist is finding about the truth of him, and it usually applies to those around him, so he is able to understand his fellow man more.

    If you are concidering that Scientology is about Xenu and all the junk you read on the internet. Then you can look where you got that concideration from. Conciderations are powerful, they mold you, if you want to become unmolded you are going to have to look for your self, Sorry. Group mentality at a Lynching, is irrationality.Irrationality creates the hell we experience everyday. Group agreements and conciderations are of the same nature. They are why you remain at the level of Man. That is Ok, you have the Choice, but some of us is finding out for our selves what it means to be a Spiritual Being. Talk about Science Fiction, you haven’t a clue of what it is about, I assure you. Finding out will change you so incredibly much. Buy the Group aggreements and remained Trapped at the level of man

    OR you can disagree and go FREE…

    PoPo Scientology, your only hurting or stopping your self from growing. The Scientologist who knows that is using LRH technology to free him self. Do you see them defending themselves? Why? Be the one disagreeing with the Lynch Mob and see what happens? They attack you, just like I’ll be attacked here, just like Scientology is attackted. Remember the man in the street will never know the truth of who he is… Just like the guy that desides to study martial arts, we must learn to respect peoples decisions, we aren’t in there heads, everyone is at some point on the Growth curve of Live. In Scientology yur just catapulted, so fast into a different level, everyone is just going to disagree with you. But you will know what they know if you grow, how ever route, just Grow please. It is time for Man to Grow Up, or wake up.

    I read thru these blogs and see the anti-Scientology remarks, they are overwhelming. Yet in my 30 years of being involved with Scientology, I see no truth whatsoever, in the information in the media that is suppose to be Scientology.

    Each side has a story. Unless you want to be insued in all the insanity that is all around us, I highly recomending to find out what Scientology really is, so you can see there side.

    They are the guys with the White HATS. The lych mobs are out to destroy us, just look at the press. Wait till your a Scientologist looking at all the insanity, and know that if we don’t succeed, it is all over. Look at history and see what always happens to man. That is biased, based on who is in power, wait till you can see your own memory and you being personally involved in history and what really happened. You will know why the truth is so suppressed…Science fiction? What if it was the truth? What if our Science fiction are only distorted memories of our past?

    Look at all the Celebrities and influential people involved in it and find out why. A glib answer like there nuts, is no answer to an intelligent person. If your satisfied with all the glib answers to what Scientology is, Then I assure you you won’t be one of the ones that benefits from what it does. Your life can change like you can’t possibly believe, when your conciderations start changing. That is all Scientology is doing basically , is helping you find out where you got that concideration, that you can’t do something…

  2. snag said,

    You raise a good point about the referece site.. ie the site obviously is against scientology.
    I would just like to know two things. Do Scientologists believe that there existed a Lord Xenu and what point was Hubbard trying to make with this “story”.

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