June 28, 2006

Italian Soccer Team Manager Attempts Suicide…Fails

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The general manager of Juventus football club was seriously injured today when he jumped from the window of his second-floor office in Turin clutching a rosary in an apparent suicide attempt.”



How To: Flex Your Rights When Dealing With Cops

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Note: Use at your own risk


New “Chameleon” Snake Discovered

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“A new species of snake capable of rapidly changing colour has been discovered deep in the forests of Borneo”


Tension Thing: The Stuff Of Nightmares

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Made of real human hair.  Watching the video, I half expected some scary chick to pop her head out.


June 27, 2006

Watch Battle Royale On Youtube

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The Japanese horror flick subtitled.  Good stuff.


Ipod Video Black Aluminum Case

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Only $6


How To: Start Your Own CarPC

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I’m doing research right now to put a computer in my car.  If you guys are interested, here’s some links.



Top 50 Most Expensive Cities In The World

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“according to the cost of items including housing, transportation, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment:”

1. Moscow

2. Seoul

3. Tokyo

4. Hong Kong

5. London

6. Osaka

7. Geneva

8. Copenhagen

9. Zurich

10. Oslo

10. New York


Samsung Readies The Ultra Slim Phones

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Charge Your Mobile Device On The Go w/o Taking Any Wires

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What a great idea.  This “Chargebox” station lets you drop off your device, start charging, lock it, and return later to pick it up.


How To: Convert Xvid, AVI, and MPG To DVD

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I tried doing this a different method using videohelp.com.  The tutorial there states that the audio stream needs to be stripped from the video file then reattached.  This method seems alot easier.  I’ll have to try it out.


Save Money On Your Cable Bill

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I do this stuff all the time.


Pictures Of Old Computers

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I loved my cousin’s Commodore 64


June 26, 2006

Paris Hilton’s New Music Video

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Someone needs to put her out of our misery.


USB Powered Air Conditioned Shirt

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One word.  Awesome


Outhouse Shenanigans

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I love these crazy Japanese shows. 


The Apple Ipad

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From MadTV.  "I just hook up my apple to my cooch"


More Giant Centipede Video

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Video Guides For Your Next Vacation

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This site has tons of videos on lots of different locations so you can sample them and make plans.


Get Out Of ATM Fees When Traveling

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All you have to do is ask.


Compare Prices Via SMS

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SMS a UPC or ISBN code to these services and get prices from Amazon and other etailers.


How To: Use Gmail As Your Universal Mail Client

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I like that "send from" feature.


Swiss Knife Seating Unit

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Major League Gaming Signs $1 Million Contract For Halo 2 Team

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That's some good money for playing games.


How To: Find North w/o A Compass

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