March 8, 2006

How To Make Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Posted in Science at 9:04 am by snag

1949 article in Popular Science on how to make Nitrous Oxide fairly easily at home.




  1. Kyle Cox said,

    For science fair project

    • SABELO said,


      • Ken Zevo said,

        Be sure to read the warning I posted, down near the bottom of this thread, about some of the potential dangers involved in this kind of do-it-yourself chemisty.

  2. tuck said,


  3. Zack said,

    Wat Up Peeps……HI

  4. Zack said,

    how do u make nitrogen-dioxide?

  5. bob said,

    you take Ammonium Nitrate and sand and put them in a glass bottel and hear then up to around 250º F and the gass it forms is Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

  6. lexii said,

    where do i get ammonium nitrate ????

    • michele said,

      why u want/
      vest fello

    • Joshua said,

      You can get Ammonium Nitrate from ice packs you buy at the drug store. Is is the solid chemical in the pack.

  7. snag said,

    maybe google can help you out

  8. hobs said,

    thank you sooo much ive been looking everywhere how to make it!

  9. Icaro said,

    hard to get ammonium nitrate… who can tell me how to get it???

    • joe williams said,

      joshua in the post above just told you how to get it…portable icepacks have amonium nitrate crystals and a burst pack of water, the chemical reaction creates a cooling sensation. therefore, if you need amonium nitrate all you have to do is go buy a cold pack and cut it open.

  10. Magus said,

    Yeah, good luck. Since the Oklahoma bombing you can’t get it without it being formed into small beads and coated with something. If you order any quantity of pure ammonium nitrate you will be flagged as a possible terrorist, and rightfully so.

    • Your Mother's Ass said,

      Rightfully so? And who made you the president of Ammonium Nitrate? I’m certain that there are plenty of other uses for it besides terrorism… asshole!

  11. Lindsey said,

    I want some laughing gas. But I don’t want a hassle to get the ingredients. Can you like buy it?

    • don said,

      laughing gas is used by dentest and guess who else uses it ( hot roders ) you probabley heard it called NOS. to make a car engein go really fast YES NOS. IS NITRIOS OXIDE OR LAUGHING GAS !

      • Johnny said,

        learn how to spell. What are you, 2 years old?

      • Max said,

        DO NOT INHALE CAR NITROUS!!! Firstly, car nitrous in the tanks is cooled to a liquid and if you inhale directly from the tank you could explode your lungs, no joke. and also, some car nitrous can have H2S impurities which isn’t too bad for a car but is toxin to your nervous system. Buy car nitrous for cars, hybrid rockets, experiments, or anything else that isn’t inhaling it for kicks. also, if you inhale too much of any nitrous you can get nitrous poisoning which isn’t fatal but it does lock you in your bathroom for a long time.

    • louis said,

      you can buy it simpily as cream whipper gas of off ebay or amazon i recently baught 48 X 8 gram cansiters!!! great fun !!!

  12. i know said,

    you can get ammonium nitrate out of one of those instant cold packs you get at any store, look on the package though it should tell you if it is ammonium nitrate or something else

  13. I have said,

    but how do you make it in gas form?

  14. jb said,

    maby somone have to sai how you make ammonium nitrate before you spill more money with buying and heting it then just buy the gas in a store…

  15. e$ said,

    Just buy some whip cream and hold it upright and inhale the gas(the whole can) goto a supermarket grab a can and inhale and enjoy.and when ur done just put the can back 😛 and walk around laughing your ass off ,twisted in the supermarket . Its always fun . dont go by yourself as u would look a little crackish. Or you can buy nitrious cartiges and a “cracker” attatch a big ballon (the one u bounce off your fist with a rubberband) . disperse the gas in the balloon and you have hours of killing those unwanted braincells . Enjoy!

  16. David said,

    I need the info for when i go back to school

  17. dev said,

    you can obtain ammonuim nitrate very easily at garden centers, it is commonly used as a fertilizer

  18. dev said,

    ps, dont get it from cold packs, its pretty dangerous.

  19. desmo said,

    go to a supermarket and buy the whip cream chargers. They look like little cylinders. They come 10 to a box. Pick up a whip cream bottle from a cooking supply store. Insert the cylinder into the bottle,fill the bottle with the gas,inhale,enjoy.

    • nick said,

      so you can just get the whiped charger crap at like a safe way? or walmart? where would be the easiest place to get thoes?

  20. tha PRO said,

    Why sand ? What´s that do ?!

  21. nitrous is the best!

  22. kishore said,

    how to maxe the laghing gas plz post the method to my mail adress

  23. mukek said,

    making ammonium nitrate by mixing household ammonia into nictic acid. be careful. hazardous chemical reaction occured. do this in an ice bath to cool down the temperature and get away from it. do this outside in open area. later just allow the mixture to dry. small white powder will form. this is ammonium nitrate.

    to get nictric acid, buy some potassium nitrate or saltpeter and mix it with sulfuric acid(battery acid) and capture the vapour into a beaker, find condenser to condense the vapour into liquid. or you can make improvised one. the liquid is nitric acid.

    (boil battery acid to concentrate it before mixing with potassium nitrate)

    to get potassium nitrate, need i explain you how?. just buy it…., it takes 6 months in making out of urine and manure.

  24. Kurt said,

    To make the stuff from the packets all you need to do is put it in a flask, buy a stopper with a hole in it (for the tubbing) then all you need to do is heat it up over an alchohol lamp or something. You let the gas go through the tubbing into a container. Some words of warning though if you see white fumes appear then stop heating or it’ll explode. also dont breathe in the fumes directly from the tube or you’ll die from lack of oxygen so if you do it of the tube or bag hold it below your nose so you get plenty of air.

  25. Lahiru said,

    ammonium nitrate is one of the cheapest fertilizers in the market… you can go n buy it just like that… it’s in white crystals.. you add water it melts and the reaction absorbs heat.. so the whole thing cools down… ammonium nitrate is even in your pee… just go to a store n ask for it…

  26. jordan said,

    if you have a jeep car, or you can check if you have nos tires then take some nos out of the tires into the balloon(s)

    • jon edwrd said,

      thats nitrogen oxide in your cars tires. not nitrous oxide. dont confuse the two. the aren’t the same at all.

  27. rizwan said,


  28. dontblameme said,

    Now I wouldnt suggest this, mainly because you can die BUT you will get EXTREMELY high off of it; take a loooooooong lamp cord, a nine volt battery connector (Mainly found in alarm clocks and older smoke detectors) a brand new Nickle cadmium (NiCd) nine volt battery attatch +to+ and -to- of the lamp cord and battery plug in (STAY FAR AWAY WHILE ITS BLOWING UP) leave plugged in for approximatly 30 seconds and then un-plug (unless you break a curcuit first :P) then inhale the smoke comming from the extinguished battery. enjoy and try not to die!!!!! if you want to see a vidoe of it blowing up visit my youtube video at youtube obviously, just search blowing up a 9v battery or jayzn94

    • some guy said,

      What a stupid idea…

    • Suzee Quince said,

      Try shooting up some linoleum shavings. Snorting red printer cartridge toner is good for a buzz, but the ink-type cartridges will make your fingernails turn brown. Drinking Drano is popular. My favorite is inhaling burning dog hair. My buddy likes to grind up the neighbor’s garden hose and put it in his eyeballs. Drinking any color of latex house paint is a tasty way to get high, too.

      By the way, nickel-cadmium batteries are made of nickel and cadmium. Nickel is extremely toxic, and cadmium is even more toxic. Look up “heavy metal poisoning.” Once you get it in your body, that stuff never really comes out of your body. Try eating the lead plates in a car battery if you have a death wish.

      Just joking. Don’t do any of this unless you have 911 on speed dial and you want to be a really, really stupid vegetable for the rest of your life (which may be a very short time). Being a stupid vegetable is very sexy, just remember not to drool too much.

  29. meggan said,

    i want to get that nitroegon stuff whatever you call itbut im only 12 , how will i beable tae get it?
    can on of yous get it for me?
    i live in newtongrange,scotland

  30. p said,

    come on- whipped cream- you guys never heard of it??

  31. alan said,

    for anyone in the future that comes across this go to your local head shop and they should have some. they look like co2 canisters the little ones for co2 guns. most the headshops here sell them. u need a cracker though get metal plastic breaks from the comld

  32. Haga said,

    Google it…

  33. Dentist said,

    Ok well u can go to your dentist they have laughing gas mine give s me free laughing gas

  34. beadie said,

    can u use reddi whip from the can?

  35. jake said,

    but i want to make the stuff u can put in engines

  36. jake said,

    and i can use to go faster

  37. antonio claida said,


  38. Gaurav said,

    How i can make laughing gas

  39. d said,

    whippit in a whip cream can

  40. dilip said,

    fuck off

  41. racer said,

    I dig the explosion part that was toxic!

  42. alicia said,

    i preffer the knock out drops. ill pas this
    jeez guys arre you planning to be terrorists or already in it

    • racer said,

      hey girlie you better chill coz ur whak

  43. guy said,

    From the intelligence level of the posters, I think it’s clear nobody here should be attempting to make no2. Just so everybody knows, it’s legal to purchase nitrous in most places, you don’t have to risk blowing yourself up or getting on any government watch lists to get it.

    also, it’s even dangerous to use it if you purchase food grade stuff… you need to make sure to let it cool down in a balloon so you don’t blister your mouth and throat, so if you’re stupid enough to try to make this out of fertilizer, please do a little more research.

    I find it amazing how people are making this information available to 12 year olds without proper disclaimers. There’s no money to be made in selling nitrous, and making it for yourself is too difficult to be worth it, just buy the stuff. A good dose worth ends up costing something like 25 US cents if you bother to find a good place to get it. There’s absolutely no reason for anybody in their right mind to ever bother making it, especially not children.

  44. fuck u said,

    fuck this, u nerdsssssssss

  45. Mike said,

    look…. if u want to get high go buy K2 its perictaly legal at 18 and u can buy it at almost any gas station….. but if your absolutly hooked on Nirtious Oxide go to walgreens or somtin buy a can of whip cream ($2.36) and spray the can in to a balloon so that none of the cream goes into the balloon and tie off the balloon and le it sit in open air for 15-20 min to cool or ur gona end up blistering your through and lungs cause that gas is in luquid form in the can and its about – degrees. once it cools open the ballon hald 1-2 inches away from you nose and breath in. if you hold the balloon right in your mouth youll pass out or die because of lack of oxegen… oh and if you want a major high take a helium balloon (you can get it for free at publix) and stick it strait in your mouth and only breath helium (be shur you laying down or youll bust you @$$) and youll blackout youll wake up like 2 minutes later with such a high.*

    *I take no responsibility for you death or bodly or mental injury. I AM NOT RECOMENDING THIS. But for the idots who want to fuck upo there life your on your own. i have use and tryed all of the sugestionshere and have broke my arm becuase of blacking out due to oxegen loss. your on your own have fun.

    • Nobody said,

      If you broke your arm doing this what in gods name gave you the idea to tell other people to try this. Especially as there are people as young as 12 years old looking at this age. So congratulations you could potentially be responsible for death or injury of a 12 year old. Well done….

  46. Phil Mckraken said,


  47. Barri said,

    Is it usefull, if i use it to dissolve any dangerious cquarrel.

  48. Mr. Incredible said,

    On a scale of 1 – 10 can I have people’s opinions on how dangerous this really is?

    • bob said,

      probably about 8- you could die if your not carefull

  49. hari said,

    how laugh gas prepare tell me plz

  50. hari said,

    how laugh gas prepare tell me plz in so esy method

  51. DXMrus said,

    As at you all is difficult in the USA))))) At us in Russia to any motor show come and for 200$ buy balloon 10 liters N2O and breathe)))) But at you methamfetamine it is easier to get and weld, at us it is very difficult to get ice (((We east Europe at us everywhere xtc and magic mushrooms)))))))))))))))

  52. Nitrous Kit said,

    Nitrous Kits!

  53. Mr. J said,

    Sweet Now I can Make Joker Gas 🙂

  54. mohan said,

    tatti ko sungh ke dekho masat laugh aaaegaaa…..try it at ur own home…………….and enjoy…………….

  55. Black Pearl said,

    heat it up no more than 430 degrees F… pure nh4nh3 will blow up at 450 degrees f…. heat no more than a gram of nh4no3 at a time to reduce potential explosion impact…. read organic chemistry books to properly set up chemistry flasks, stoppers, thermometeres, tubing, warning a crack in an erleynmeyer flask will equal an explosion. so know basic set up guides. have directions and follow them, no exceptions, or only a matter of time before disaster strikes… yall hear about meth labs exploding? tedious and repetition equals awesome in this experiment. attach trash bags to end of glass tubing… and 1-2 grams of nh4no3 at a time while collecting bags/balloons…. start with a 50 pound bag. should give you quite a bit, a lot is converted into h20 so you will lose that eventually. next step, putting it into air compressors…. different forum….. goood luck… im also high as shit so dont trust everything, but basics should be covered… you will need a picture diagram to set up chemistry equipment/supplies. not complicated if familiar with o chem labs…but dangerous none the less

  56. Black Pearl said,

    please balance the equation first and understand it

  57. Ken Zevo said,

    A few thoughts/warnings, from my college chemistry classes (and some neighbors kids who had one of these home made nitrous generators blow up in their tree fort, back in the late 1970’s):

    The decomposition of ammonium nitrate into nitrous oxide & water gives off heat, which means you can get a runaway chain reaction (also known as an explosion, just like a bomb) if you over-heat it. From my friends’ experience, the difference between the temperature that is “just right” and “ka-boom!” is not that much, especially if you are using less-than-laboratory grade equipment. They used some old empty glass mayonaisse jars, which produced lots of extremely nasty high speed pieces of razor-sharp flying glass shrapnel when the ammonium nitrate exploded, which injured several of the people present.

    To add insult to injury, glass does not show up on medical x-rays, so the doctor(s) at the emergency room had to poke around in some of the open wounds, to search for the glass bits by touch, and still didn’t get all of them. One friend still had occasional bits & slivers of glass working their way up thru the flesh to surface of his skin, several years later – not very often, but it was really gross when it did happen. Another got a nasty slice across his abdomin, just above the belly button, that needed several stitches to close, but miraculously did not slice deep enough to expose the intestines or penetrate any other vital organs (like the liver.)

    Moral of the story: glass containers & potentially explosive chemicals DON’T mix! You are far, far better off buying your N2O in those little metal cartridges that go in whipped cream dispensers. It costs more, but you save a fortune on hospital bills, later on down the line.

  58. divina johnson said,

    huh cool

  59. LOL said,

    lol 250 f is high i cant make it at home 😀

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